• Image of Barbara (with a bell!)・One Lip Wonder・Ships no later than January 23, 2017

This One Lip Wonder™ Vaginament® is the teeniest meeniest of the ladies. Measuring in at a demure 2.28" x 3" (58mm x 76mm), these still pack all the punch of the regular sized Vaginament ornaments. And at a more compact price, you can have a gazillion around the house. Or hang them from your ears, all the rage in SoHo!

Barbara (with a bell)・One Lip Wonder・2.28" x 3" (58mm x 76mm)・raspberry / aqua blue / lime

Measurements are prior to stuffing, and do not include the hanger (approx. 1.5" - 2" drop)

Poofy labia are gently shaped, folded, and hand-sewn onto a teardrop-shaped felt mons for an eye-popping multi-dimensional look. A wee 9mm stud is nestled within the folds, and lends each Vaginament® ornament the perfect amount of quirk! Go on, ring it. The ornament is then lightly stuffed and finished with a precision old-school blanket stitch.

These little oddities are designed, cut, hand-sewn and infused with adoration by yours truly in my dining room in Burlington, Ontario. I only use soft heirloom-quality wool-blend felt. They’re a hoot to make and I'm in love with them all!

✈︎ Each ornament ships with a branded Vaginament® name and care tag, because no vagina should be nameless, let alone uncared for <3

"Every time a bell rings, a Vaginament® gets her wings!"

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